I have been teaching music since 1980 when I was the first guitar teacher hired at The Wilmington Piano Company, Wilmington, Delaware. I enjoy teaching people of all ages and levels. Teaching children is especially fun for me. Just bring a willingness to learn and the ability to schedule daily practice time.Today I teach all styles of guitar (rock, jazz, funk, blues, metal, acoustic, fingerstyle, classical), bass guitar, banjo, ukulele, mandolin, lap steel, music theory, ear training, jazz studies and improvisation, songwriting, and music recording technology. Having performed with world class musicians, I have the knowledge and experience to make your music quest fun and successful.


Paul helped me get up to speed and ready for my college jazz guitar audition in a short amount of time. By giving me very focused lessons and an organized weekly practice schedule, I was able to accomplish my goal of getting into the college of my choice and, in addition, being awarded just over $11,000 in scholarship money. With so many guitar teachers in the Philadelphia area, I was very happy to find Paul and be able to work under him.
Andrew Hoffman

Paul is a fun, and very knowledgable teacher. He enjoys what he does and enjoys helping and watching you improve. He helped me learn tough songs that I struggled with for a long time before I began taking lessons with him. Now I can play and sing to so many songs I never thought I would be able to learn.
Kim Fitzgerald

Paul constantly inspired me to learn jazz guitar and to keep practicing even when things got difficult. He helped me get into college for jazz guitar! So if you’re looking for a guitar teacher who can help you achieve your goals, Paul is the man for the job.
Josh Marck


Music and Arts, Exton, PA - private music instruction, - Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, 484 875-0101
Bishop Shanahan High School, Downingtown, PA - private music instruction, - 610 518-1300
Delaware County Community College - Guitar I, History of Rock and Roll - 484 237-6200 (Downingtown), (484) 237-6400 (West Grove)
Honey Brook, PA - contact me here


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